OrcCon 2018

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Hello all, been a while!

Been busy with life and am working on getting some things together for the site.

Last weekend my boys and I went to L.A. for OrcCon, run by Strategicon.net.  As always, it was a fun day.  Got to meet and play games with some great people.  Some of the games I got to play and my thoughts on the games are as follows:



Bill & Ted's Excellent Board Game - Honestly, when I saw it, I did not quite know what to think.  I thought it odd adapting a movie from the 80's into a game.  But it worked.  It was a really fun game.  It was fast and very easy to play.  I would have played it a few more times, but there was so much more to do.


Button Men: Beat People Up and Brawl - Another blast from the past.  It has been a long time since I played either of these, but they are just as fun as I remember.  I am glad to see Cheapass games bringing it back.


1500: The New World - This is a new one that is in pre-order.  As I was playing the game, it had a lot of fun aspects and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.    We had six players and it was fairly competitive.  Once the game was finished and time had passed, I had some time to work out my thoughts on the game.   Although it was fun, the game ultimately was not for me.  It didn't seem like there was any way to do any long term strategy, which seems like it should have based on the game play.  The board changes so much based between your turns, that it seems like it starts new every time.  Maybe with fewer players or with the expansions, this will not be an issue.


Eternal Kings - This one is a kickstarter that has a few more days to meet it's goal.  It is a strong game.  Picture Chess on steroids.  You have a chess board where the pieces are cards with abilities.  You can get a little analysis-paralysis, but if you just play the game and learn how it works it really is a lot of fun.  I will be supporting this venture.


After playing these games, we went to the vendor area and flea market to see what I could pick up for my personal collection.  I was not disappointed.  More nostalgia.  I found a copy of Thurn and Taxis in the flea market area.  If you have not had the opportunity to play this one, you must.  It is a simple yet strategic game that won game of the year in 2006.  I think I played it originally around them, but had yet seen a copy of it for sale since it is out of print.  To my surprise though, when I got home, I found that it was in new condition.  The plastic was missing, but the boards had not been punched and the cards were still sealed.


Overall, it was a great day at the con and can't wait for the next one in May.  I am even thinking of getting a booth there myself.  Maybe I will see you guys there.

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